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Marine Service Technologies


Marine Service Technology (VA)

Join the ranks of South Florida's marine Marine Service Tech Feb09.jpgmechanics industry once you develop the necessary skills to:

  • Diagnose
  • Overhaul and
  • Repair Marine Systems and their components

The curriculum includes:

  • Electrical Theory as it pertains to ABYC and NMEA standards
  • Electronics Installation:
    • Radar
    • Sonar
    • GPS
    • Depth Finders and
    • Communications Systems

This is a 12 month program (in a blended format combining classroom and online instruction) to include:

 OCP Course Number
Course Title
Course Length
A MTE0003 Marine Rigger
300 Hours
B MTE0090 Outboard Engine Technician
300 Hours
C MTE0074 Outboard Engine Diagnostics Technician
150 Hours
D MTE0092 Inboard Gas Engine Technician
300 Hours
E MTE0093 Drive Train Technician
150 Hours
F MTE0056 Inboard Diesel Technician
150 Hours

Students will be taken through marine sub-systems:

  • Operation
  • Diagnosis

Entrance Requirements:

  • Applicants must pass the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).  Acceptable scores: 9.0 in Reading, 9.0 in Math, 9.0 in Language on the Difficult level.
  • Schedule an appointment with the program counselor/advisor - Ms. Mary Barone at (754) 321-5840.
  • Enroll in ABE/AAAE remedial classes, if necessary.
  • Meet with a Financial Aid Advisor, if needed.
  • Register for the Marine Technology Service Course.

Total Program Length: 1350 Hours

Program Schedule:
Students enrolled in distant and/or hybrid courses should have daily access to a computer with internet and must have a valid e-mail address that they check daily.  Additionally, students should have all necessary hardware and software components required by their technology program or adult education course.

Full Time
Monday-Thursday on campus, Friday online 8:00 am - 2:30 pm

Industry Certification:
Students will be prepared to take an approved state and/or nationally recognized industry certification or licensure exam in their field of study.

  • Mercury Certificate
  • ABYC Electrician
  • Bombardier (John & Evinrude) Certificate

Contact Information:
Ms. Mary Barone, Counselor for Marine Service Technologies

(754) 321-5840

Approximate Total Program Cost - Tuition and Fees (Books and Materials are Extra)*:

Florida Resident $5136.*
Non Florida Resident - Call (754) 321-5700 for more information.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.